St. Paul's Academy in Bellingham, WA

Bellingham's Pre-K to 12 College Preparatory Academy

SPA Directory

The faculty and staff at St. Paul's Academy are committed to providing each child with a quality academic experience. Our teachers are certified through the State of Washington and many hold advanced degrees. On average, teachers at SPA have seven or more years of classroom experience. We continue to attract and recruit high quality educators.


Dial (360) 733-1750, then extension below

Estill, Jamie Head of School x1102
Bradshaw, Cathy Business Manager x1511
Black, Heather Advancement Associate
Carter, Heather Saluté Auction Coordinator x1202
Crockett, Sue Ann Administrative Assistant x1101
Lee, Rachel LEPS Admissions Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
Regier, Dawn Administrative Assistant
Reid, Bruce Network Administrator
Smith, Natalie Admissions Director x1509
Wines, Theresa Media Specialist x1507

Little Epistles' Preschool (Pre-K)

Dial (360) 738-3321, then extension below

Johnson, Anna Co-Director, Little Epistles' Preschool
Lee, Rachel LEPS Admissions Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
Burgess, Lisa Teacher
Ho, Debbie Teacher
MacIsaac, Cheryl Teacher
Owens, Jenny Teacher
Dizon, Olivia Teacher

Lower School (K-5)

Dial (360) 733-1750, then extension below

Roth, Jodi Kindergarten
Jorgensen, Danielle Grade One x1107
Martin, Katie Grade One x1107
McDonnell, Linnea Grade Two x1106
McAtee, Tanya Grade Two Teacher
Hammack, Jill Grade Three x1117
Resick, Jan Grade Three x1116
Evans, Madison Grade Four x1121
Holden, Amanda Grade Four x1120
Hewitt, Carrie Grade Five x1104
Stokes, Karalee Grade Five x1105
Lugo, Maria Spanish, Grades K-6
Okan, Liza Chaplain x1516
Siemion, Kris Physical Education, Grades K-5 x1125
Snyder, Jennifer Music, Grades K-4 x1113

Upper School (6-12)

Dial (360) 733-1750, then extension below

Allen, Stefanie UWHS, English 9-12, Language Arts, US Student Support Coord x1343
Atkins, Abby Grade 8 Literature & Grade 6 Advisor
Belka, Lance Mathematics, Language Arts, Literature & Grade 6 Advisor x1221
Donner, Laura Washington State History, Language Arts & Literature, Grades 6 & 7
Jorgenson, Robert (Bob) Mathematics & High School Advisor x1339
Myrick, Brian Grades 4th-12th Band, Choir, and General Music, Eighth grade advisor x1041
Rawls, Korenna Spanish, Grades 6-12 & Grade 7 Advisor
Snow, Andy Science & Grade 6 Advisor x1015
Sytsma, Jason Athletic Director, Physical Education & Grade 8 Advisor x1046
Regier, Dawn Administrative Assistant
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